Travis Besecker (1976 - present) is an award winning author and comedy writer. Using his chronic insomnia as an inspirational tool, he found early success in social media and print. Although he gained notoriety with his humor, he has confessed his preference for the dark nature of horror and suspense. In 2011 he broke the silence on his lifelong struggle with apeirophobia (fear of infinity) and began work on his first novel. Released in February of 2012, Lost in Infinity marked his debut into the world of psychological fiction. Although billed as a memoir, Lost in Infinity is a work of fiction told from the perspective of a self absorbed blogger as he comes to terms with his own psychosis and thoughts on the universe as a whole. In 2014, Travis released the follow up, Lost In Infinity: Deja Vu Redux, a retelling of the original story. Travis is currently working on his third novel, Harnessing the Spark. The horror fantasy set in the chaos of a zombie apocalypse is scheduled for release in 2015.

Lost in Infinity Deja Vu Redux

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